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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
In my own words:

I am Peter, living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada want to find a sweet lady for love and relations. contact me and we can discover more about each other. Have a safe and happy journey. You can always find a smile on my face and a friendly shoulder to rest on. I live and work in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Hope to enjoy your company someday.

OK, about me, I'm a hard-working guy but not a total Slave to the Grind, Okay (only sometimes) I can cook, yes even sew, I am a good-hearted guy who enjoys all the regular stuff but eventually enjoy some adventure, like scuba/sky diving, bungee seems too tame,white water rafting,as well as travelling, but for now will settle for running the water in the bathtub and going under, Throw some fast food down the gullet just to say I ate. Otherwise, I enjoy going for walks, it's nice in the morning sun, I like watching movies,reading, Games, but not head games unless we're being naughty... I'm a good listener, affectionate, I am a romantic at heart, . But that doesn't mean I'll be your doormat to walk all over., I am diverse in my interests and somewhat impulsive too. Some might say I have attitude, But really, Who Doesn't? Maybe we can get together for coffee sometime, see what's brewing hahahaha maybe we can make our own special Love Brew hmm?

The bast part about me is my personality and the ability to not take things too personally. I am a non-judgmental guy, I'm adventurous, like to check out possibilities, have an open mind and has an entrepreneurial spirit who likes to make people smile. I like all different types of music. Not just the standard stuff that gets over-played on the radio, but music from around the world. Other stuff I dream about
Online Ventures, Travel, Sightseeing, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Biking,Swimming, Camping
Other stuff I dream about, Find a nice beach somewhere warm and make enough money with my laptop so I never have to leave.the side of my love.

Well, that's me in a nutshell basically

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