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Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
In my own words:

I used to be a man so focused on work and I continued to live in that way for years until it cost me my marriage and that was when I realised that nothing should be more important than family. My priorities has changed and is too bad that it had to cost me my marriage.

I'm shy at first but open up and become a fun person to be around. My hobbies include reading, swimming and spending time with friends and family. I love going to the movies, traveling and anything else that's fun.

I am looking for a lady for a serious relationship. I have been alone for quite some time now so I’m not updated about the way to approach ladies but I will just be myself. I hope I can find someone who is serious in building a stable and lifetime relationship

Don't let my shyness hold you back from getting a hold of me. I'm really stepping out using this site and trying to get a hold of you.

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