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In my own words:

I am an honest, faithful, loving man.
I would like to have the same in my woman.
Looks fade - money cannot buy happiness - and you will never find another man like me.
Searching for my soul mate . . . . Still

Of whom I seek -

No one ever made sleeping look so inviting. She is the quintessential sleeping Beauty. Even the trees are quiet for her.

She is soft, to me - but dont step on her tail. She will fight ferociously to protect what is hers.

Little things, just cuz, make her cry.

She'll never win any awards for it, but loves to sing.

She loves music, and "plays" the guitar. : )

She looks beautiful without make-up, sexy with.

She smells like lilacs on a spring morning after a rain. I lose myself in her hair.

She wears her hair like a gift from the gods - a mane of femininity.

She is true to her sign, which is the perfect match to mine.

She is able to appear graceful while she says "I meant to do that".

She loves to sit on my lap and hug my neck.

She likes to have surprises for me - and gets very excited when I have surprises for her.

She loves decorating for the holidays.

Her birthday is her favorite holiday.

She insists we hold hands everywhere we go, and loves kisses in public.

She see's the world as a wondrous, magical place - with endless possibilities. 

She loves kids as much as I do, and is very good with them.

She wont admit she is afraid during thunder storms.

She loves to draw and color, and is quite good at it.

She is a terrible driver, but somehow always manages to get where she's going, unscathed.

She loves food but cant boil water - (I always tell her its delicious when she tries though)

She plays the part of "daddys little girl" so well, I am almost speechless - and when she puts on her little black dress for a night out, it makes me breathless.

She has a mischievous side, She knows exactly what buttons to push, and when.

She is the definition of feminine, but also has a "freak in the sheets" side to her that has only ever come out for me. (It sometimes scares me - not really ; )).

She can make me hard, even in public, without even trying.

She is my every fantasy.

She never makes me feel jealous or suspicious, she see's me, and only me. Our hearts are one.

She reacts to movies as if they are actually happening. 

She believes in superstitions, and when she wishes upon shooting stars she believes the stars hear her. (They do)

She loves nature and nature loves her.

Her eyes - those eyes!  Windows indeed. The depth of her beautiful eyes, they draw me in - I will never return. I see my universe in her eyes.

If she must shed a tear for loss of love - mother earth herself weeps with her.

She believes twin flames are real, and I am hers and she is mine.

When she says the words "I love you", and she is looking at me - time freezes - never have I heard such a beautiful sound.

A more precious gift I could have never imagined - to give purpose and meaning to my life, the rest of my days. 

This is of whom I seek.

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