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I'm just a regular person and I like a simple life. I admire wit and intelligence. I'm open-minded, down to earth, honest, God-fearing and willing to learn person. I have a caring and compassionate heart and soul. I may not be the best and perfect girl in the world, I may not be every guy's dream girl, but you can be sure, as in rest assured that I'm 100% real. I have clean conscience. I don't party or go to clubs and drink. It's just not my thing.

I love everything to be organized and clean. Yes, I love cleaning and organizing things. I've always dreamed of having flawlessly clean house and a happy family as well.

I love watching and playing sports (one of my hobbies). I used to play volleyball and table tennis. I love to ride on my bicycle or maybe go for a walk. I wish I had a walking/jogging and bike buddy coz I would love to walk and bike around everyday to catch the sunrise/sunset. I want to live a healthy lifestyle. I love listening to music sooo much especially old songs that remind me of old times. But also like listening to different genres of music though. I think that having a wide variety of what music you listen to says that you have an open mind and that there are many things you can appreciate and that you are more interested in exploring. For me, sometimes listening to music is like feeding your soul and it's the best way to escape from one's problems even for a while.

I wish I could meet a real gentleman. A real man with a big heart, sweet, caring, honest, loyal, with good sense of humor, very understanding, has long patience, and knows how to treat his woman with respect and looks beyond the physical. I want someone who's non-violent, who will never make a threat to hit (or actually hit), as in he will never raise a hand against me and also knows how to handle and deal with tough or difficult situations. I don't care about the wealth. I don't worship bank accounts. I can be a homemaker, I can also work to help and improve or ensure a successful future for our family. I really care much for good manners and personal hygiene. Having and maintaining a good personal hygiene, grooming and good manners are always more important and better than good looks.

P. S. Online romance scammers, don't waste your time and mine. I've met and dealt with a bunch of fake people who tried to trick me. And if you’re just interested in me because of what my body can offer you, stay out of my life.

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