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Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada
In my own words:

I am charming, intelligent and charismatic. My passions are Music (playing guitar, piano), writing and when I'm alone.. . singing. Anything that is classified as Art, or artistic, I enjoy. I am a very passionate man, very romantic, and very affectionate. Much can be felt from a simple kiss.. . But I also enjoy being alone sometimes. Perhaps it would be best to say that I am complex - and very different from other men, or people in general. Maybe I'm crazy. WHO KNOWS? hahaha.. . Anyways.. . If you're looking for money - I am not famous, so you're out of luck. Try with someone older. If you're looking for intelligent conversation, loyal companionship and a fiery soul mate, then you have found him. Enter at your own risk.

My perfect partner.
My soul mate... . Hmm.. . She is beautiful.. . she is intelligent. She knows what she wants in life, and she goes for it without hesitation. She brings the good out of people (and out of myself), and helps guide others when they need guidance. She needs to have a good heart, and a good sense of humor... . Most importantly. . I need someone creative. . someone to discuss ideas, things, philosophies, the future, our world, space.. . anything but gossip and celebrity blah blah blah. Maybe someone musical or artistic. . I will know when I find her.

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