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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
In my own words:

Name: Roy, nicknamed RRRR (pronounced like a growl) Yes, really.
Eyes: Two
Hair: You're kidding, right?
Traits: Weird, nonconformist, creative, logical, funny, strong, kind, chivalrous, intellectual, uninhibited, sexual, dominant, protective, good listener
Music: Classical!
I read: Books & magazines, but not minds
Activities: animal rescue (LOTS of animal rescue-- the dog in the picture isn't mine. I helped rescue him from shelter an hour before he was to die.), museums, weight-lifting, swimming, bicycling, reading, writing, science (esp. astronomy), politics, movies (especially old movies: Marx Brothers, Chaplin, Bogart, etc.), sports

One-line messages are lazy & insincere. If you show you didn't read my entire profile, I'll be annoyed.

I'm not too weird, just weird enough; part serious, part rotten little kid. I have a good head on my shoulders, which is a good thing because if it were elsewhere on my body, it just wouldn't look right. I'm strong mentally & physically, fiercely loyal, a take-charge man, and extremely chivalrous. I'll open your door, carry all heavy stuff, be strong for you, & protect you. I'm not into 1-night stands/chasing skirts when in a relationship. I've composed hours of classical music performed publicly. If you're not DEEPLY into classical music, we're not compatible. For a living, I teach. I've been skydiving & bungee jumping b/c I don't want to regret risks not taken. You don't have to do them, but accept that I do sometimes.

I've fulfilled all my sexual fantasies, & want to keep fulfilling them with someone I love, and who loves me. I'm politically aware, but NOT politically correct. I'm vegetarian-- a cruelty-free diet is a must. Innocent animals should not have to die just to be delicious to you. I loathe the Tea Party. Conformists, conservatives, and religious folks (I gave up religion for Lent) go away-- I AM AN ANTI-THEIST AND AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANYONE WHO IS EVEN SLIGHTLY RELIGIOUS. Deist are OK, theists are not. I do 200+ voice impressions. Yes, really. Order now, operators standing by.

Wish list: soft body/spirit, unconventional, strong mind/character; free thinker yet likes her man in charge & to protect her; height/weight proportionate; no large tattoos or piercings exc. ears; EXTREMELY feminine & intelligent; LOVES classical music (knows, for example, the difference between Haydn & Ravel; doesn't think Beethoven's a large dog and Bach's the sound he makes when chasing cats); arts & sciences, politics, literature, nature; incurably curious.

You're NOT right for me if you
•take drugs
•would even consider wearing real fur or be otherwise cruel to animals
•don't like animals
•are not into hairy guys
•believe in astrology/other brainless superstitions, including religion
•are too much of a feminist. I favor gender fairness, but I’m sick of being treated like the enemy. I won’t apologize for being masculine. Feminists tell men to get in touch with their feminine sides, but I only do that to give it a firm spanking like the dirty little slut that it is.
•regard your match's income a factor in your attraction to him. I don't sell flowers at intersections, but want me for who I am, not what I own.

Miss Right's sexually uninhibited, passionate & willing to try new things. I’m sexually dominant (but never abusive), so she likes being sexually submissive. Enthusiasm is more important than experience; it’s the best sexual technique. I also think bisexual girls are HOT, although I'm 100% straight.
Also, honesty in relationships should be carried to extremes. In relationships, I DON'T LIE, EVER. I ask the same from you. Lies in relationships are like boogers in salads: the acceptable number is zero. If you write to me, I'll reply even if we're not a match because not doing so is extremely rude to someone who's sent me a message. I want similar courtesy from you.

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