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Dhāka, Dhāka, Bangladesh
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I am a straight forward and honest person. Always positive, happy and open minded. easy going and got a sense of humor. i am just a normal guy with normal issues of life. i guess we live in such a time in which being real and genuine hasn't got much value, showing off or pretension sells more. but, i am what i am. i can't just pretend to be someone else. take it or leave it. lol.
i am not much of a materialistic person. i value people and their love. i find happiness in all the little things in life.
i love nature and animals. all animals r cute, but i love dogs the most! they r the best..
photography and writing is my passion. i like all types of arts..
like travelling a lot. i mean who doesn't! and, can't be alive without music and coffee..

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