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My name is David, I have been widowed for years now, I lost my wife through P.K.D. I have a son and I love him with all my HEART Life is too short to dwell on past mistakes or wrong choices, so I choose to be happy today... I am blessed when I see my family & friends happy, I would rather give than to receive. I have a great sense of humor, I love Animals and I have a great passion for painting... I am an affectionate person & a hopeless romantic Guy. I am open-minded, caring, & I wish to welcome a woman who is HONEST into my Life. I never give up on having someone to love & to be loved. I am not about what a person owns, as much as I cherish what they hold dear to their heart. My future ambitions are living like there is no tomorrow, and I so desire a companion to make my life complete. I may not be your first, but to be your last would be perfect

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wevilyn posted on david007's wall:

i agree life is too short to dwell on the past. . lets just say that we dont have control if it mean to happen it will happen .. same as me i have mistake but my mistake doesnt described of who i am.. hope we can be friend