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Holden, Massachusetts, United States
In my own words:

i am a nice guy. who dont need someone that dont want me unless you are going to use me then go i dont others to use me for gift card or cash unless you get a set and your own money and show up to me then maybe but now just friends only if you think you are a goddess or queen i dont need that shit just talk or go ok i am my own judge so dont jugde me judge yourself ok bye .i do want a lover that dont ask me for money or giftcards ok and if i add you be happy ok .because if you dont you are fake and a scammer that just wants money from a nice guy ok bye .and stop asking me for money or giftcards ok i am a poor guy with no money ok . plus if you want babys or kids with me add me only and you have to work and save money to find me ok but to all be happy if i add you as a friend right now . and just never ask for money or giftcards from me ok bye .and date me if you can find me .ok if you find me chat ok if not just go i need a lover but not one only ok plus i dont want to get married until the lady who chats to me and lets me have more then one lover only ok bye .

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