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Kâmpóng Spoeu, Kâmpóng Spoeu, Cambodia
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hello how are you i am honest lady looking for friends and also good friends hope to find good people here an try to be good friens

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Benxray posted on huixi2's wall:

I found her the girl in the red dress.....I feel like Neo

huixi2 posted:

The next time you pretend like you good man and pretend like you like me and beg me to get off this website and talk with you on skype or any other app and start sending me naked pictures and start to talk dirty and start insulting me because i refuse to talk dirty with you I will post this naked pictures here for everyone to see . I will let you go this time even though i have your naked pictures I will respect you for now though my friends want me put it here .


That's an EXCELLENT reaction to dick pics. Its probably the only tactic that might help stop this incredibly stupid activity. Every website should have a SHAME area where people post and warning on their profile as soon as its posted. And before posting photoshop the image down quite a bit!!!


Good for you! Respect is most imported!


what is the point lol


I have found this here too Hui

First they try to get you off here and then the bullshit begins. I'm sorry you had this bad experience but your showing resolve and remarkable restraint too.

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