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So far, I have not find anyone here that is looking for love first. The women that I've written to, by the 2nd or 3rd letter will tell you they are in love with you, and want you to bring them to the states where they will become perfect wives ready to serve and take care of me. The truth is all they want is leave not to renew their contracts in China. Some may be sincere, but they have the wrong priority. For me love has to come first. I need a wife and a partner, and someone I can trust. For now, I am not taking any more emails. I'm through with all this nonsense. Their is no substitute for meeting face to face, and then making a decision. Before marriage can ever be considered, you have to meet. Good luck ladies, I'm sure you can find some insecure weak man that can only find someone on the internet because they have no social skills whatsoever and could never attract a woman face to face. Either that, or they are complete phonies wanting some internet sexual fantasy.

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