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Verona, Veneto, Italy
In my own words:

Having always had a romantic mentality, loving to write and read, in my mind there is a poetic future with my partnership, where I would like to share interests and differences with her. I prefer to imagine living in peaceful places surrounded by greenery, pets and surrounded by our little children . . . How many? I do not know: my sweet partnership will decide it!
In my opinion I could accept the solitude but i love the feminine asian girl who have those maternal sweety nowaday lost from gilrs come from western Europe. I like discovering her where i often prefer to listen more (learning or asking) rather than talk to me or be at the center of the situation.
In my mind there is always the desire of discovery, to learn about cultural events, to see new places or countries, to travel and meet people seeing different cultures, traditions, colours, tastes, landscapes or skylines. Generally I like the story, to live in contact with nature and discover both great capitals and small medieval villages perched on top of some mountain.

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