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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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I am simple and down to earth man who loves the good things in life..I am a Christian and put God first in everything i do..I like to wine out in front of a tv and watch movies sometimes. i dont bar hop because i simply cant handle that..I am very romantic and a great cuddlier..I am a good cook and a very loving man who knows and understand the true meaning of a ‘FAMILY’..I am a very loving and a good hearted man and want to enjoy life with someone that can actually love in return..TIME WILL TELL.I am looking for someone with some of the same qualities…I am not looking for a perfect woman just looking for the imperfect so we could both work it out to be perfect..I believe you can “teach an old dog new tricks,” that “tomorrow will be a brighter day,” and that you can “forgive and forget.” All the cliches aside, I believe people can change and you can repair a badly hurt relationship…I am looking for someone to enhance life with because i believe life is meant to share and and hoping to find that person to share it with..I am a always cheerful,elegant,Calm,confident,serious,kind,very optimistic and in all Honest..I know what i want in life.

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