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Greetings to you!

Hi. I'm Dr. Clarence. I work in the business and professional world. I love making money and learning new ways of making it lucrative for the future... I am nice, kind, empathetic, and I have a great heart. I am a natural born leader, and I currently serve as the C.E.O. and Founder of my non-profit organization in the States called Living Hope. I am also an educator, and I enjoy teaching.

What I am looking for? I am looking for physical love on all different levels. Love is a beautiful thing and I want to experience that on all levels. I enjoy Love, intimacy, traveling, talking on the phone, and role-playing... I love to travel and I enjoy learning about new cultures and eating everything with rice.

I DO NOT EAT pork, beef, or steak. I EAT ONLY FISH, Fruit, and Vegetables! This is not for religious reasons, but for my own health reasons. Things I enjoy are: playing guitar, hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, and serving at my local Lodge.

I am also involved with my community. I was accepted to a secret society called the Freemasons. An elite organization of leaders and World Changers. I have the honor of serving as the President of my Lodge. -Dr. Clarence

PS: I am NOT INTERESTED in MEN. Only Women who HAVE JOBS! NO KIDS! Thank you!

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